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As a celebrity and fitness trainer for 20 years. I’ve spent many hours driving in my car to clients homes and working out outside all over the world. As great as that’s been and as much as I love being outside my chest has suffered severely. I hope I’ve helped solve that problem. Stuart is in Los Angeles, California, and trained by Pilates guru Mari Winsor, Nicole practices a creative style of Pilates that blends dance moves, yoga, stretching and cross-training.In developing this unique, fun but challenging workout, Nicole drew from her 14 years of studying various forms of dance, including jazz, modern jazz, ballet and tap. Nicole has also appeared on a number of television shows and films, including Ray Donovan, Devil’s Due, Bride Wars, Criminal Minds and George Lopez.

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: “With exercise or any pursuit, consistency over a long period of time equals results.”

FITNESS TIP: “Stretching is a key part of fitness, especially for men. I recommend stretching before and after every workout session.

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